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Student success stories

We help our people grow.

We prides ourselves on providing students that are part of our organization with the skills and network to become leaders in today's society. Here are stories of how these remarkable students got to where they are, and what they learned along the way.

Anna's first touchpoint with UpstartED was in 2016 when she participated in the organization’s 54-hour Entrepreneurship boot-camp. Following this immersive event, Anna joined the UpstartED team as Marketing Coordinator, supporting the promotion of UpstartED’s flagship event, Youth-to-Tech Conference, a 2-day innovation and tech conference for the youth.


Anna graduated from Marianopolis College in June 2017 and is now studying Honours Physics and Computer Science at McGill University. During her free time, Anna works with the McGill Robotics Team and Classical Music Club. 

Anna Brandenberger, McGill University

Juan’s first experience with UpstartED was at the 54-hour entrepreneurship boot-camp event in 2016. Following this event, Juan decided to get more involved and join the organization in the role of student ambassador. He quickly took on more responsibilities and became the Sponsorships Coordinator for the organization’s Youth-to-Tech Conference (a 2-day innovation and tech conference for the youth), proactively reaching to potential partners to build meaningful relationships. 

We asked him about his journey with UpstartED two years after his first event, and here is what he had to say: 

“The whole experience has been truly sensational! UpstartED has taught me the true meaning of work and how to build an organization from the bottom up. I have gained so much insight on the importance of technology in today’s world, and the role automation will play down the road. I feel more confident now in knowing what the future holds and I can’t wait to start bringing my dream to life: build my own company that will have an impact on people's’ lives!”

Juan is majoring in Business Technology Management at Concordia University. 

Juan Viera, Concordia University

Anna Brandenberger, McGill University

Meet Rosie, she was one of the first students to experience our 54-hour entrepreneurship boot-camp event in 2016. Soon after, Rosie decided to join the UpstartED team as the Education Fair Coordinator, proactively reaching out to universities nationwide to confirm their attendance at our innovation and technology conference. “It was such an interesting and challenging experience” she said, “The role allowed me to hone in on my soft skills and I learned to the art of pitching and negotiating!”

Now, almost two years later, Rosie still uses the skills she learned in that first boot-camp. “The UpstartED program taught me a lot of new skills that I’ve used repeatedly throughout my life both inside and outside the classroom, and has inspired me to take on more challenges and always aim higher!”

Rosie Bahrani, University of Waterloo

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