Let's reimagine education, together

We enable innovation microcosms at the hearts of forward-thinking schools.  

UpstartED works with schools who recognize that, for children to be ready for life after graduation, education needs to be reimagined in a way that empowers both students and teachers to be creative & entrepreneurial problem-solvers and life-long learners. 

The UpstartED secret sauce is made up of the following elements:

We design learning experiences that exist at the intersection of design, entrepreneurship, and technology. These are frequently informed by UpstartED's existing flagship programs, and all of them empower students to become social innovators.



We build a bridge between schools and local companies by helping to establish partnerships that are mutually-beneficial.


We act as strategic partners who help schools build the internal capacity necessary to continue adapting to the changing needs of students and educators.

We invite you to explore what we can do for your school:


Designing learning experiences at the intersection of design, entrepreneurship, and technology 

Regardless of the industries in which today's children will find themselves upon entering the workforce, they need to be entrepreneurial, empathetic, and technologically-savvy. Most importantly, they need to be socially-conscious creators of value. That is why our innovation programs bring together the topics of Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship and Technology. 

We guide students through the design process of identifying real-world problems to solve and finding user-centric solutions.

Design Thinking

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We introduce students to the emerging technologies that will be predominant in their futures, and give them hands-on experience with different tools.

Digital Literacy

Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation

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Digital Literacy & Technology

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Bringing best practices in innovation from industry to education

UpstartED's executive team has 40+ years of collective industry experience in the fields of technology, education, engineering, finance, marketing, sales, design and customer success.


Having worked at some of Canada's leading startups and at various Fortune 500 companies, UpstartED's leaders bring the most current methodologies into the curriculum offerings above. 


UpstartED's connection to the industry has allowed students to interact with mentors and coaches from companies including IBM, Shopify, Google, Deloitte, and more. It has also provided students with opportunities to engage with the startup ecosystem at events including Movin'On Summit and Fundica Roadshow to name a few.


Program delivery & guiding principles

Each of our programs are delivered by a team of trained and certified facilitators. UpstartED facilitators are carefully screened and selected for their professionalism and their experience working with children. Meet our team here!

Our facilitators are of a diverse background, ranging from masters students to working professionals and entrepreneurs. They ensure that each and every participant has a fun and enriching experience, and that everyone is invested in their work. We pride ourselves on our 1 to 5 facilitator-to-student ratio during each program.


Our UpstartED instructors, coaches and support staff are guided by the following principles:


We understand the integral part that play has in learning. We are committed to delivering, first and foremost, a fun experience to all. 






We firmly believe there is no such thing as a bad idea, or a silly question. Future Academy participants will be encouraged to ask questions and seek answers. 



We encourage participants to develop their creative confidence and to feel comfortable expressing themselves.

We know that, more than needing access to knowledge, today's youth need access to resources and guidance. We are here to support them in their journey.





We are a Canadian nonprofit whose programs equip students between the ages of 12 to 18 with the mindsets and skills required to become responsible innovators who build a better world, for all.

We acknowledge and respect the land and territory in which UpstartED stands. We have the privilege to stand on the land of the Mohawks of Kahnawa:ke that belong to the Iroquois/Haudenosaunee confederacy, historically recognized as the Keepers of the Eastern Door, guardians against invasions from the east from British and French forces. As an organization that empowers youth to be positive agents of change, we recognize the importance of reconciliation efforts in Canada and across the world.

Land acknowledgement


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We align our work with the United Nations SDGs

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