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Equip youth with

the foundations of

design + tech enabled social innovation

Imagine if we could make social innovation accessible to all young people

At UpstartED, we believe that, with the right guidance and resources, every young person has the potential to come up with innovative solutions that tackle the complex challenges facing our society. That is why, during the upGen workshops, we deliver the foundations of social innovation right at the source of youth education: inside the classroom. 

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The approach

Meeting young people directly at the source of education: inside Canadian schools

Because we want to make it as easy as possible for young people to access the upGen workshops, we work with forward-thinking educators to bring our hands-on experiences directly to students inside the classroom. The workshop series consists of three sessions, one per month between October to December.

Step 1

Register your school

Teachers register their schools and respective classes to participate in the program.

Step 2

Confirm dates

The workshops are confirmed, one per month, between October to December.

Step 3

Receive workshops

Trained facilitators deliver the workshops to students inside the classroom. 

upGen Schools 

École Saint Luc - Annexe Terrebonne 

Académie de Roberval

École Pierre-Dupuy 

École Cavalier de LaSalle

Académie Saint-Thérèse 

École Maimonide 


Pierrefonds Community High School

Beaconsfield High School 

Beurling Academy 

St. Thomas High School

Horizon High School

Lindsay Place HS 

Macdonald High School 

Westmount High School 

John F. Kennedy High School

Vincent Massey 

John Grant High School 

MIND High School 


Cedar Ridge

Lester B Pearson High School 

LINKS High School


The Sacred Heart School of Montreal 


Maison des jeunes de l'Escampette

Loyola High School (Montreal Community Cares)

Collège Durocher Saint Lambert


upGen equip youth with the skills, knowledge and mindsets demonstrated by social innovators

The upGen workshops represent the start of a social innovation journey for youth between the ages of 12 to 18. Over the span of three sessions, students get immersed in design and technology-enabled social innovation through the lens of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).


Workshop 1

Using Design Thinking to solve social challenges

Workshop 2

Becoming positive change-makers in healthcare, retail and cybersecurity



Workshop 3

Discovering Artificial Intelligence for social good

Discover how Design Thinking can help us come up with human-centric and meaningful solutions

Frame social challenges using the UN SDGs model

Empathise with and understand challenges experienced by other individuals in society

Apply Design Thinking to challenges faced by personas within the context of retail, healthcare and cybersecurity

Have an understanding of what AI is and how it manifests itself in our daily lives

Understand the risks that AI can pose, and how to leverage technology for social good

Workshop series

Our team felt that the workshops had a positive impact on the youth... actually getting them to think and participate. The workshops allowed them to be creative and play. We loved the facilitators! They were great mentors for the youth, well prepared and very capable of responding to the dynamic atmosphere of our after school program.


I personally thought the content was excellent. The whole program was so well designed and prepared and clear and concise I couldn't believe we had access to the workshops for free. Top notch!

Juliana Whiston, Maison Des Jeunes L'Escampette

Made possible this year thanks to our incredible community

Proud partners of the City of Montreal - Fier partenaire de la Ville de Montréal

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