At UpstartED, we believe that changemaking is a powerful vehicle for unleashing a young individual's potential, especially when that change starts from within and moves outwards. Our Changemaker Framework (see below) is at the heart of all the programs we design. By enabling young people to go through the changemaking cycle (i.e. understanding a problem, designing a solution and taking action, and finally reflecting on one's impact), we support them in developing their sense of identity, belonging and agency.

Our Framework

We believe changemaking starts from within and moves outwards.

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Deconstructing Identity, Belonging and Agency

Considering the varying definitions and interpretations of Identity, Belonging and Agency across both Western and non-Western worldviews, we have been working with our educators, youth, families, knowledge-keepers and elders in order to identify the skills, knowledge and mindsets below. It is important to acknowledge that our own understanding, representation, and measurement of these constructs are constantly evolving. What matters the most to us is that we remain both evidence-informed and community-driven, in order to balance "WEIRD" (Western, educated, industrialized, rich and democratic) research with the wisdom and experience of the diverse individuals this organization serves.

How do we define Identity, Belonging and Agency?

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Our programs are currently live in Saskatchewan, Québec, British Columbia and the Yukon

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