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Our approach: process and stakeholders

Aside from getting their perspective, an additional benefit of engaging equity-seeking youth is... -->

Authentically engaging with Indigenous youth has been cited by Indigenous scholars as one of the ways of achieving and enhancing wellness by, for, and with youth [5152]. This is characterized by meaningful and sustained involvement of the youth in program planning, development, and decision-making to promote self-confidence and positive relationships [53]. Authentic engagement involves working with rather than on youth as research partners or program planning participants [54]. This shift to working with rather than on implies respect for the knowledge of the lived experiences of the youth involved [5456] and is based on meaningful relationships built over time among all involved [535758]. Research has shown that engaging youth (Indigenous or non-Indigenous) as partners in a project/program fosters a sense of belonging, self-determination, and self-actualization within their community; thus, enhancing community wellness”

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